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Life and Love after Bereavement

Finding yourself single over 40 can be painful for anyone, but there’s no pain like trying to pull yourself together after losing somebody. Bereavement can tear a life in two, but it’s not the end, and life must go on. … Read More

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5 Celebrities Looking For Love Online

Sometimes searching for love online can feel like a lonely place. Especially if you are entering the dating pool after a long absence or the breakdown of a relationship. It can feel overwhelming and occasionally even scary! It doesn’t have … Read More

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Does Love at First Sight Really Exist?

It’s easy to dismiss the idea of ‘love at first sight’, especially if you already have a heartbreak or two under your belt. But it seems some people are still willing to take a gamble on the fairy-tale. And as … Read More

Club 1978 – The Celebs Turning 40 This Year

The sun has once again completed its rotation of the moon which means one thing, and one thing only – it’s time to get a new calendar. Alright, well, that’s not the only thing it means, but you should definitely … Read More

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How to Date in your 40s

Dating can be a funny thing, regardless of what age you are. In our teens, we imagine we’ll be in love by our twenties. By our twenties, we imagine we’ll find that special somebody by our thirties and by our … Read More

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New to over 40 dating? Don’t Miss These Tips!

Getting a handle on your love life and joining an online dating website can be incredibly exciting, but it can also be more than a little daunting. It’s dating, Jim – but not as we know it. That kind of unknown means … Read More


Women! Don’t be Afraid to Message First

There are plenty of things about dating that, when held up to scrutiny, just don’t make much sense at all. It’s a practice loaded with rules, traditions, and conventions that would sound awfully strange if you described them to an … Read More

Getting Back into the Dating Game

As a mature dater, it can be difficult to find your way back into the dating scene. Many of us are newly single, divorced, widowed or have struggled to find Mr or Ms Right in the first place, but climbing … Read More

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Why are Well-Educated Women Struggling to Find Love?

The modern world and the influences of technology have shifted expectations and norms when it comes to dating. And while this has improved the dating lives of many it seems that heterosexual, well-educated women are one of the losers when … Read More

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Five Toxic Dating Habits to Stop Now

Are you struggling to find your perfect match? Perhaps you have been dating for a while and still aren’t feeling the love. For some of us meeting someone and finding that elusive spark takes longer than others. And that’s fine … Read More