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Five Reasons More People are Dating Over 40

Love is, for many of us, something that we thought we might never see again. When you’ve been without it for some time, it can feel like it’s gone forever. That’s far from the truth though, and as more people than ever try dating over 40, the perception is changing. Here’s why. 

Over 40 dating used to be something of a social taboo but now the dating pool over 40 is wider and deeper than ever before. With divorcees, people who have simply never found the ‘one’ and those who have put career first returning to dating after 40, there is a whole group of amazing singles out there. If you’re new to the over 40’s dating scene now is a perfect time to jump in.

Here are 5 reasons plus 40 dating is more popular than ever

  • Divorce Rates Are High

Yep, unfortunately, a steady divorce rate continues to churn out new singletons. This doesn’t have to be a negative process though. Dating over 40 can be an incredible experience and a chance to discover who you are all over again. In fact, dating after divorce can be one of the best ways to boost your confidence and heal some of those romantic scars. Dip your toe into an over 40 dating site and see what you find.

  • 40 is the New 30

Age is relative to when we live and 40 is no longer a time to slow down into middle age. With many of us living active, healthy lives and adopting a mind-set driven by constant connectivity to new ideas and information we simply don’t feel ‘old’ at 40. In other words, you are only as young as you feel and 40 no longer seems like time to slow down, pop on your slippers and give up on love. For many people dating over 40 is just the start of their adventure.

  • Online Dating is Opening Doors

At 40 you probably don’t feel as comfortable as you used to hitting your local bar or club to meet someone new. But with almost the entire dating world shifting online you don’t have to. The online dating revolution has opened the door to relationships for many of us who wouldn’t feel comfortable approaching a potential partner in real life. Specialist over 40 dating sites can help you meet your ideal match.

  • People aren’t Prepared to Settle

Once upon a time, there was a strange sense of pride in sticking a relationship or marriage out forever, no matter how mismatched or unhappy. This just isn’t an accepted viewpoint today and many people are prepared to call time on their relationship and look around at what’s out there. This viewpoint has led to a rise in daters in every age group but seems to have made a particular impact on plus 40 dating.

  • Daters Over 40 Have More Disposable Time and Income

A cold, hard fact is dating takes time and money. As people over 40 become more comfortable in their careers and often have fewer childcare responsibilities, it frees them up to indulge in dating. And why not? Dating is a great way to get out, meet new people and explore your sense of self.



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