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5 Celebrities Looking For Love Online

Sometimes searching for love online can feel like a lonely place. Especially if you are entering the dating pool after a long absence or the breakdown of a relationship. It can feel overwhelming and occasionally even scary! It doesn’t have to be this way. Not only are there millions of singles out there in exactly the same position as you, even celebs are getting in on the online dating act! In a digital age, it’s how more and more of us are connecting so it’s no wonder that even stars are giving online dating a try.

Here are some of our favourite stories of celebs and their online dating experiences. celebrity dating

Martha Stewart

The queen of domesticity showed that online dating is for everyone at every age when she went on two dates with men she met through an online dating site. The dates were a success with Stewart saying the experience was a positive one and that she would be prepared to go on a second date with either of the men! It seems that online dating in your 70s and beyond can be a fulfilling experience.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff admitted to signing up to a popular dating app after splitting from her husband in 2015. She went on at least one date through the site before deciding it wasn’t right for her at the time. The pop star and actress even featured the app in a music video for her single, Sparks.

Ricky Lake

Daytime TV goddess and actress, Ricky Lake threw herself into online dating, signing up for three dating sites and dating a range of men. Although she wasn’t successful in finding her forever ‘Mr. Right’ she did enjoy the anonymity of online dating and called it an “interesting experiment”. And who knows, after her 2014 divorce, maybe she will be tempted to give online dating another go!


Yep, even the biggest pop star in the world has given online dating a whirl. Adele describes signing up to an online dating site before meeting her now husband. The superstar didn’t have much luck though – mainly because she was so famous at the time she chose not to use a photo on her profile. A photo is one of the essential parts of any online dating profile so we’re not surprised she struggled to connect!

Mariah Carey

Here is another superstar that we are surprised to see on the list. Photos of Mariah’s online dating profile surfaced a little while ago, showing that she wanted a tall man in her life (above 6 feet at least). Ok, so there is a rumour that the whole thing was actually a promotion for a music video, but we prefer to think that the notorious diva is truly searching for a partner that is a little more down to earth than her usual billionaire boyfriends.

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