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Dating in 2019

Back in 1840, the average life expectancy for a man was just 40 years old. For a woman? Well, she could look forward to a lengthy 42 years of life. Back then, you simply had to find a partner before you turned 40.

These days, it’s an entirely different story. Improvements in infant health and scientific advances have meant that we can now expect to enjoy a life which stretches to 80-years old on average. Our lives are twice as long and with that length comes the luxury of multiple partners and calling time on relationships that don’t work.

It means that now, more than ever before, there’s a huge number of us who remain single over 40.

On the face of it, that should be wonderful news. Surely it means that it’s also easier than ever to bump into those mature singletons, right? Sadly not.

We’re busier than ever and between family, work and friend commitments, it can feel near-impossible to meet single people. All of which leads many of us to wonder what the best way to date over 40 in 2019? The answer is online dating.

Once considered embarrassing, online dating has grown to the point of near ubiquity, with billions of people young and old opting to meet people through the internet. But why? Join us as we offer up a few of the biggest reasons:

It’s Flexible

First and foremost, online dating appeals to a huge number of people because, in this busy life, it’s a truly flexible way to meet people. Your profile is persistent, so can be viewed even when you’re not online and when you do log in, everyone else’s profile is there too.

Only have five minutes between meetings? Finally crashing out in front of the TV after a long day? Working unsociable hours? None of that’s a problem when you’re dating online. It’s ready when you are, and when you’re over 40 and dealing with a busy modern life.

It’s Super Effective

According to the latest statistics out of America, online dating is now the most popular way for spouses-to-be to meet, with 19% of brides reporting the fact that they met online. Compared to 17% who met through friends, 15% who met at school and 12% who met at work, it’s clear that online dating is not only hugely popular but hugely effective too.

The over 40 dating site scene has flourished with this success, largely because of the positive notices it receives from people who’ve used it.

Far from the once-common notion that online dating is full of time-wasters, the reality is that 99% of people on there are kind, sincere people looking for the same as you – somebody special.

It’s Fun

Dating over 40 can feel daunting, especially if we’ve been off the market for some time. Many of us suffer from a lack of confidence and so the thought of getting back out to bars and meeting new people fills us with dread.

What we really need over 40 is a fun, approachable way to rebuild our confidence without the immense pressure of being put on the spot.

That’s why online dating is so valuable. Within days of setting up your profile you’ll find that people are reaching out and, thanks to the messaging system inherent to the online dating experience, you’re under no pressure to say the right thing instantly.

You’re free to take your time, think out the perfect message and respond with confidence. It’s the ideal way to build yourself back up and, frankly, a boatload of fun too.


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