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Women: It’s time to take Love into our own Hands

Does this sound like you? You’re deep into your career, working long hours and happy to do it. You’re commuting every day, but it doesn’t feel like a chore. Your kids are grown up now, but they might not have left the house.

Your leisure time is still wrapped up in your kids somewhat, but you find a little time to see friends, get down to the gym and walk the dog. It’s been a while since you went out on a date, but that’s the sort of thing that can wait until the kids are out of the house for good and you’ve carved out a little more free time.

You know you want to find somebody to love, but you’re content to wait for it to fall into your lap, and that’s the mistake. If you were looking for work you would no doubt apply for several jobs having done some research first. Think about everything you have achieved in your life and did it come your way without trying? Did those exams pass themselves? Did your driving licence arrive as a Christmas present from Aunt Celia?

Of course not. With everything you achieved you put effort into it and it stood you in good stead. Strangely when it comes to dating we seem to think that someone will magically appear from nowhere and start up a relationship. Honestly now, when was the last time Brad Pitt chatted you up in the supermarket?

My own sister in law spends her time at work, looking after two kids and learning to box down at the gymnasium. As long as I can remember she has wanted a nice guy in her life but made no effort to achieve it. The result is that she has saddled herself with the first guy to cross her path in years despite him completely wrong for him, with an endless number of demands for her to change! Any port in a storm comes to mind, but that’s what happens when you do nothing. My advice to her and to you is to join a 50 plus dating website and make things happen.

The choice is huge and you are under no pressure at all to do anything but chat, flirt and have fun before deciding whether to date someone. Remember even then that you may have to kiss a few frogs before prince charming comes along!


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