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Where to find Love over 50?

Getting back into the online dating scene over 50 can feel like a somewhat surreal experience. For many of us, we’ve spent a good chunk of our past in relationships, and the thought of being without one into our fifties and beyond can feel like you’re at sea without an anchor.

Whether we’ve been married, in a civil partnership, living together or just dating for an extended period, dipping our toes back into the dating scene can feel like a weird sort of betrayal, even though our previous relationship is over.

It’s a situation compounded by the fact that, in 2017, the dating scene seems completely different to how it once was. Of course, many of us still meet our partners through the traditional avenues, but a great many now also use mature dating websites as a way of taking control and finding love on their own terms. That might sound scary to you, but it shouldn’t because dating over 50 has never been more fun and does not necessarily have to be that different from the dating you used to enjoy as a teenager.

You can still have fun going to the cinema, seeing bands or enjoying a tasty meal, and there is still no pressure.

Where do you start then? Many over 50s are beginning their search for new romance online and utilising the many dating sites specifically for people their age. This is a really easy way to get in touch with potential partners in a safe environment. You can say as much or as little about yourself and really take your time with each and every message you send – no tripping over your words.

Many people find that online dating is fun and less pressurised than things such as speed dating or joining social groups, but these are options too. One of the most common ways that people meet their partner is through a hobby, so if you enjoy the cinema, reading, running, or crafts, find a local group and see who you meet. Or why not do some volunteer work to widen your social circle, make new friends and meet potential new partners.

And a final option for finding potential dates: ask around! Colleagues, friends and family might know the perfect match for you, so be sure to make them aware that you are ready to start dating.


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