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How Will I Know When I Am Ready to Date Again?

Getting back into dating after the end of a serious relationship can be tough. Especially for those of us that are returning to dating over 40. Whether you have suffered divorce, bereavement or an old relationship has simply drifted away it can feel difficult to get back out there. The important thing to remember is that you are unique and your timescale for returning to dating might be very different from someone else. This has to be your decision and you should never feel under pressure to put yourself in a situation you are uncomfortable in. Take your time and move at your own pace. If you feel you could be ready for dating again but aren’t quite sure – check out these 5 signs you may be ready to move on.

You Keep Thinking About the Future

If your mind has stopped wondering about ‘what ifs’ and started concentrating on ‘what’s next’ this could be a great sign you are ready to hit the dating scene. It’s very easy when a relationship ends – whatever the reason – to get trapped in thoughts about the past. Once you start considering the future, there just might be room for someone else in it.

Your Self-Confidence Has Returned

Losing a partner can be a knock to our self-confidence. Especially after a long-term relationship, when it is all too easy to lose sight of who we are. If you’re starting to think about you as an individual, hitting the gym, exploring your interests and revamping your wardrobe then you are probably in a good place to meet someone new. Mature dating could be next on your list of activities to try out.

Your Previous Relationship isn’t On Your Mind All the Time

We have all been there. We obsess on the minutiae of our past relationships, wanting to correct mistakes, appreciate what we had more and get in our own personal time machine to change the past. This is our way of dealing with the loss of a previous relationship and making sense of what’s gone. But when this fades – and it will – then you create space in your heart for someone new.

You Find Yourself Noticing Potential Partners

Sometimes your brain will let you know you are ready to meet someone new just by reacting as you walk down the street. If you’re suddenly noticing the handsome man in the supermarket or the attractive women when you are walking through the park, this is a clear sign. You’re ready to start reaching out to potential partners.

You Just Know

Sometimes there is no clear sign. No sequence of events that tells you it’s time to look for a new match. You just know – suddenly and totally that you would like to be with someone again. It’s time to make it happen, start looking for your perfect match right away.

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