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Five Reasons Dating as a 40 Year Old Woman is Amazing

They say that 40 is the new 30. We are fitter, happier and healthier in our fourth decade than ever before. What’s more women at 40 know exactly what they want and how to get it. They have been through relationships (good and bad), learned to embrace body confidence and have achieved amazing career goals. They understand how to date well and know themselves much better than they ever did at 20. What’s not to love? OK, so when you are dating over 40 as a woman it perhaps doesn’t always feel like that – but it should! Don’t believe us? Here are 5 great reasons dating in your 40’s is amazing.

You Speak Your Mind

At 21 you might not have told your date that you disagree with his point of view or gone along to a restaurant you really didn’t like for dinner – just so you didn’t upset him. Now, you’re stronger, smarter and more together. You have an opinion and you’re not afraid to air it. If your date doesn’t like that, well, there are plenty more fish in the online sea.

You Don’t Have Time to Waste on The Wrong Guy

Why waste 10 dates on an OK guy because he may turn out to be better than your gut initially told you? No thank you! By now, you have developed a great gut that helps you to decide who was lovely for one date and who might be interesting to explore a second with. And if he is rude, arrogant or just plain dull, you have no qualms about pulling the plug.

You Have Amazing Personal Style

You don’t do disposable fashion anymore, you do timeless style. Understanding your body, what you love to wear and what makes you feel amazing is a massively underrated skill. You don’t need to spend 5 hours before a date flapping over what to wear, you know exactly what you look and feel great in.

You Understand What’s Important

You have your relationship priorities in excellent order. This means you understand your deal breakers, can see red flags coming a mile off and can absolutely not sweat the small stuff. All this leads to making smarter matches and enjoying better relationships. This may sound like an obvious approach but it’s one many of us fail to master in our twenties and thirties.

You Are More Comfortable with Intimacy

For many women, over 40 is when they are at the most comfortable in the bedroom. We are less likely to have small children to worry about, we know our bodies better and some studies have shown this is when we are at our peak sensuality. Relaxing and exploring intimacy is what 40 is all about. What’s not to celebrate?

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