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Why Activity Based Dates Are The Best

What do you think of when it comes to plus 40 dating? A candlelit meal? Coffee? Cocktails? So far, so traditional. But are conversation based, dates the best way to get to know someone?

Maybe not. It turns out that focusing on a task together, getting physical (not that type of physical) or even being on the move can help you get to know someone better. For plus 40 dating, an activity based date could be your first step towards a new relationship.

Find out why activity based first dates are amazing, below.

It creates an instant conversation starter

Do you struggle to come up with things to say when you meet someone new? You’re not alone. Whether you are playing table tennis or painting pottery together, an activity date gives you an immediate area of mutual interest. It’s a natural way to break the ice that doesn’t feel forced or false. It can also help with post-activity conversation as you create a shared experience to discuss.

It helps to calm your nerves

Plus 40 dating can be a nerve-racking experience, especially if you are new to the scene. Nerves can be tricky things and see you struggling to know what to do with your hands and generally feeling awkward, sweaty and red. An activity focuses your mind and calms your nerves – it gives you clear cues for what you need to be doing, even down to where you need to stand. By the time you have finished up your activity, nerves will be long forgotten.

It shows how well you work together

Not sure whether you and your date are a good fit? Try working out directions for your hike or seeing how well you team up at a local pub quiz. An essential ingredient for a long-term or even a short-term partnership is a coordinating skill set. It makes sense to work out from the start if the two of you make a good match.

They show off your personality

Meeting through an online site is great but it can often leave you wondering what someone is ‘really’ like. After all, it’s easy to present an idealised self-image online. An activity blows all of this away. It’s impossible to hide that stubborn competitive streak when you bowl or your inner perfectionist when you take a dance lesson. Activities have a way of revealing our true selves and that’s a very useful thing on a date.

They are lots of fun

One of the most compelling reasons for an activity based date is they are so much fun! They allow you to let loose outside of a formal setting and really enjoy yourselves. Fancy restaurants are a lovely treat but they aren’t everyone’s natural habitat and if you fall into this category then an activity date could be the way to go.

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