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8 Tips for Picking the Perfect First Date

It’s amazing really, but even as seasoned experts of the dating scene, the first date can bring on a remarkable range of emotions. I guess it goes to show that just because we’re dating over 50, it doesn’t mean that we’ve got all of the answers. One of the most common questions we’re asked is how to pick a first date location. Here’s eight tips:

  • Try to pick an activity that you both enjoy. This sets the tone, if you choose something only you like, imagine how your date may feel, struggling to stay polite, bored and disappointed?  This is a strategy that also sets the stage for something you can afford.
  • Picking something you can afford and accommodating your budget, doesn’t make you a cheapskate. The dangers of throwing money around on a first date can lead your date into a false sense of (how generous you are) and if this then isn’t a constant (how cheap you are) be realistic. Also consideration needs to be taken into account re -your dates finances, spending to big may make her feel out of your league!
  • Do something that doesn’t require new clothes, they are often uncomfortable and because you’re not used to them they may rip or gape. It is far easier to wear your happy, easy-to-wear older clothes, concentrate on being you.
  • Go where you can have a proper conversation!! Easy for me to say, the worst first date is at the movies, no conversation, people shushing you, unexpected embarrassing scenes on screen. Go where you can easily chat.
  • Find a local venue, Long trips, frayed nerves, bad transport links not a good idea for a first date. If you live a fair distance meets in the middle.
  • Pick an activity that doesn’t involve loads of alcohol. Difficult, especially if you suffer from first night nerves. It can lead you into all kinds of tricky situations.
  • Find an activity that doesn’t last for more than a couple of hours. A good first date is usually short.  The key here is to leave them wanting more. If you both had a great time you will easily want date number two. If on the other hand you didn’t enjoy each other’s company, then a couple of hours are no big deal.
  • Leave time to get to know each other. A date full of too much activity keeps you busy, but if the purpose of the date is a chance to get to know one another, some quiet time is a good idea. Noise and bustle is distracting.

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