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Why do some people prefer hooking up?

While many people out there are looking for a long term romantic relationship, there are also plenty of singles across the UK and beyond who prefer ‘hooking up.’ No matter what you want to call it, some people prefer to meet for sex with no strings attached. But why?

There are plenty of different reasons why some people prefer to hook up over getting into a more serious relationship. While everyone has their reasoning, here are some of the most common reasons why some people want a ‘hookup buddy’ instead of a commitment.

  • They have a demanding career – While some people dream of a happy family gathered around a dinner table, others want to pour their heart and soul into their job. Maybe they’re a cardiologist on call at all hours, a high powered corporate CEO, or an NGO worker summoned to all corners of the planet – they simply might not have the time and energy for romantic entanglements beyond the desire to meet for sex.
  • They are going through a rough time – We all experience rough patches in our lives, and so some people might feel like they’re not in the best place to get into a relationship. However, biology calls, and so their sex drive might still be raring to go! In that case, it makes a lot of sense to seek out a hookup rather than going through the typical dating motions.
  • Simple bad timing – It’s a common excuse, to be sure, but sometimes wanting to hook up instead of date is just about bad timing. Maybe a person is on their way to a six-month backpacking trip, or they’re just about to start a serious project at work. Either way, as long as they’re honest about their limitations, hooking up is a good option.
  • They’ve just gotten out of a long term relationship – We’ve all been there – left a long term relationship and want to meet for sex without any of the other trappings. While a person’s heart heals from a break-up, hooking up can often be the best remedy. Now and then people can catch feelings and get into rebound relationships, but neither party should enter into this situation with their hopes set on anything serious. Just have fun!
  • They are already in a polyamorous relationship – Some people are already in a committed relationship with their ‘primary’ partner, but have the permission and desire to hook up with another person, as long as it is ‘no strings attached.’ Ideally, they are completely honest about this arrangement with their new partners, as not everyone is comfortable with getting involved with someone in a polyamorous relationship.

In addition to the reasons listed above, some people are just not looking for a relationship. As long as they are clear about their desire to meet for sex purely, what’s the harm? Everyone has fun and gets their needs met.



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