Honeymooning in your 40s – Corsica is an unexpected yet delightful choice

Once you’re in your 40s, you have likely travelled to many of the places on your ‘bucket list’ and you know what you like. While you might still be craving a Tanzanian safari or a trek through the Amazon, most people prefer to go somewhere a bit (ok, a lot) more relaxed and languid. While a beach holiday in the Caribbean or the Indian Ocean might seem like the obvious choice, we just can’t say enough about Corsica.

“Corsica?” you might wonder. “Isn’t that the island known as the birthplace of Napoleon?” It sure is – but it has so much more to offer. Nicknamed ‘l’île de beauté’ (‘the island of beauty’), this Mediterranean island juts out of the rolling blue waves like a rocky crag glistening in the sun. While it is located in France, it has enough of its own unique charm to make it a unique and interesting destination with a lot of unexpected charm.

Why choose Corsica for your honeymoon?

Even though it is a rather small landmass, Corsica boasts geographical diversity that puts most destinations to shame. If you’re keen on hiking, diving, basking on the beach, and dining on delicious local seafood, this is the honeymoon island for you.

In just a 30 minute drive around the island, you can reach vibrant cities, quaint local villages, lush valleys, dense wooded forests, rocky mountains, and of course – white sand beaches galore. In addition to its stunning vistas and abundant natural resources, Corsica boasts its own fascinating culture and renowned foodie cuisine.


Corsica is all about sophistication and unique experiences, shunning the oft-cheesy honeymoon clichés that you find in so many other beach destinations. You can have an authentic cultural experience and soak up some fascinating history together, all while enjoying a relaxing yet chic beach resort.

Things to do on your honeymoon in Corsica

There is no shortage of things to do in Corsica. Here are some of our favourites.


  • Visit its stunning beaches – Corsica is known for its 1000km-long coastline, home to more than 200 white sand beaches with clear turquoise water, and so enjoying the sun and sand is the obvious choice. Some of its best beaches include Plage de Saleccia, nestled between the hills and known for its sparkling turquoise bay, Plage de Lotu, popular for snorkelling, and Plage de Palombaggia, a crescent-shaped beach with calm waters.
  • Dive in its clear blue waters – Corsica is regarded as one of the finest places to scuba dive in Europe, with excellent visibility and plenty of interesting wrecks and rock formations to explore.
  • Hike its hills and manmade wonders – Corsica is a rocky, hilly island that offers plenty of world-class hikes. If you and your new spouse are planning to do a lot of hiking, base yourselves in the picturesque old town of Corte, known for its 15th-century citadel and sweeping views of the local mountains. Summit the 187 stone steps of the Escalier du Roi d’Aragon (King of Aragon Steps), and head out to the Reserve Naturelle de Scandola, a UNESCO World Heritage comprised of porphyritic rock and visited by plenty of seals and dolphins. The GR20 walking trail takes you into the towering mountain peaks of Aiguilles de Bavella, some of the most striking in the Med.
  • Explore the medieval streets of Bonifacio

The twisting medieval streets of the Bonifacio Citadel are one of Corsica’s most iconic landscapes. Bonifacio is perched atop a series of tall white limestone cliffs that overlook the bustling harbour and sparkling sea. This is a historic and romantic place to base yourself during your Corsican honeymoon.

The best time of year to honeymoon in Corsica

Of course, your ideal time to visit Corsica will depend on the dates of your wedding and honeymoon. That said, the best weather in Corsica occurs between June and September, when the weather will be a balmy and delightful 25°C – 28°C – not too hot, and certainly not too cold.

Of course, this is high tourist season, so if you want to have a more secluded holiday experience you should consider the shoulder season, in April and June, or October. The temperatures will be lower, but you will have more of the beaches and resorts to yourself.


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