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New to Over 50 Online Dating? 3 Top Tips

For a great many of us, the reason why we turn to online dating is because we wake up one morning, and we realise that we’re alone and over 50. It’s not a devastating thought, by any means, but it’s one that so many of us have. Perhaps you’ve lost somebody important to you, maybe you’ve just not been able to make a relationship stick or you never met the right person.

Whatever the reason is, it’s compounded by the fact that over fifty dating can seem overwhelming and daunting. It can feel as though everything has changed and that the intellectual and comedic muscles you used to flex in dates gone by might no longer be as keen as they were.

But it need not be. Dating as a 50-something is certainly different from dating as a teenager, and though things have changed a little bit, when it comes down to it there is still an amazing amount of fun to be had.

Many people will choose online dating because it is quick, easy and safe, and it fits in to busy lives. Below are a few top tips for making the most of online dating as an over 50.

Stay safe

The first thing to be aware of when dating online is safety. This is in terms of not revealing personal information to other people, and in ensuring that the information you provide to the site, such as credit card details, is secure.

Once you are chatting to people you also have to remember to stay safe by not giving away too much too soon, and, when you do meet, doing so in a public place and letting a friend know where you are. Never allow someone to pick you up from your home on a first date.

Be creative

Your profile is your way of promoting yourself to potential matches, so get creative. Do talk about your hobbies, interests and passions, but try not to give away too much – you need to leave something to chat about!

When you message people be open, fun and friendly and show off your personality and positive traits.

This doesn’t mean lying, but now is not the time to admit to snoring like a pig or eating like one! The right person will find out about those things soon enough and learn to live with them!

Enjoy it

Above all, remember that dating should be fun! Try not to take it all incredibly seriously all the time and just have fun chatting to other people who are in the same situation as you.


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