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More Invaluable Mature Dating Tips

At Maturity Dating, we’ve made it our mission to help older UK singles find the love they so richly deserve. Across our decades of dating experience, we’ve learned one or two things that all of us can stand to learn, whether we’re mature online dating or just waiting to meet the right person out and about.

Now, dating tips aren’t exactly a new area to us, but in this guide we’re going back in for some more. Join us as we share:

  • Know what you want. If you want a relationship; say so. If you are still consumed with an ex, date by all means, but don’t lead others on if you’re just looking for a little fun. Be available to what you want!
  • Never force a relationship. Remember, you can’t control what other people do, say or think so don’t presume you can change them. If a relationship is meant to be, it will. You have to be ready to accept a person for who they are and they in turn will do the same for you. You must also be ready to let go of a potential partner if it’s not right and learn to let go of any negativity or resentfulness; each new date is a fresh new start!
  • Don’t be a fixer or someone that needs to be fixed. You cannot rely on a new partner to solve your problems and vice versa; only you have the tools to make yourself happy.
  • Watch the line between wanting to spend time with your new partner and being demanding, clingy or needy. Desperation is an unflattering trait and will likely scare away potential partners. Enjoy spending time away from each other so that you can cherish the time you are together more.
  • Don’t get carried away! A new relationship can be oh so exciting and romantic, but if you move too quickly and rush in to things, it’s highly probable the relationship won’t last past the Honeymoon period. Take your time to build a stable bond before falling head-over-heals.
  • Stay in the moment and resist the temptation to fantasise about the future. What will be will be, so enjoy getting to know your new partner and don’t set your heart up for disappointment by fast-forwarding to things that are yet to happen.
  • Always be yourself. Although it can be tempting to change a few things to appear more attractive to a certain somebody, this is fatal in the long-run. If someone likes you, they will like you for you. How can you know for sure if it’s true love if the relationship is based on lies?
  • Be honest about your expectations, wants, goals and intentions. If your new partner is truly the one, they will support and encourage your wishes just as you would with them.
  • Never manipulate someone to get your own way. Your partner will quickly learn about your controlling ways and that will be the end of your relationship.
    Communication is paramount! If you don’t talk, how can you build a strong relationship?

With this handy knowledge you are sure to succeed in the 50 plus dating scene. However, don’t let yourself get down if you don’t meet The One straight away; the dating journey can be a long one but if you persevere and maintain a positive attitude, it will happen!


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