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What do Women Want?

Ah, that age old conundrum – what do women want? So many mature men complain that no matter what they do, they just can’t win when it comes to women. As a woman who has encountered several mature men on my online dating venture, I’d like to help you fellows out and reveal to you the biggest turn-offs for all women. It doesn’t matter whether you seek an older lady or a younger model, by following these simple steps you are sure to impress her.

Have an interest. Being passionate about something animates you, it demands our attention and puts a sparkle in your eye. Whether you love your job, a hobby or a particular activity; own it. There’s nothing more off-putting than a man who has no interest in anything, it’s boring! To really impress her, why not branch out and try something unusual like an art class, cooking group or even surfing? You’re sure to intrigue her and could even bag yourself a second date showing her the ropes of your new-found passion.

Look like you care. Bed head, stubble and the casual jeans and t-shirt look can be very sexy on some, but on your typical mature man? No. It’s very disappointing when a lady spends hours trying to look her best for you and you show up like you’ve just rolled off the couch. Make an effort in your personal grooming and she will really appreciate the time that you’ve put in.

Smile and laugh easily. A good sense of humour doesn’t mean rolling out punchlines, but to really win her over, show her how easy-going and happy you are. The more you smile the more she will mirror you. Be sure to stay aware from serious topics of conversation and she’ll remember you as the guy she had a lot of fun with; who wouldn’t want to date you again?

Be confident. Confidence is highly attractive in the opposite sex, especially in a mature man who knows what he wants. Stand tall and proud, say what you mean and mean what you say, be positive, take the lead. Be very careful however to not overdo it. Show your lady friend that you know what you want, but don’t be bossy. Remember to always treat her with respect, listen to what she has to say and show genuine interest.

Show your sweet side. Money can be an uncomfortable issue so I recommend only taking your date to affordable places so that neither one of you struggles to make the payment. Whilst it’s totally acceptable to go halves on bills or even allow the woman to pay, I would suggest you offer to pay (at least for the first date) with a smile. This shows that you are generous and willing to take care of her.

Older dating doesn’t have to be a struggle. If you keep in mind these basic rules you’re sure to get off to a good start. Please remember; always be kind to your dates. Even if you no longer wish to see them, thank them for their time and let them down gently. Always be a gentleman.

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