How do you tell if a 40 year old man likes you?    

A man in his 40s isn’t going to act fundamentally different from a man in his 20s or 30s if he likes you. The only time age changes things is when there’s a substantial age difference, like 20 and 70. Time is a trend changer, but not up to 40.

So, to tell if a 40-year-old man likes you, you need to look for common signs. Thankfully, there are plenty of these. They include:

  • He compliments you
  • He shares your emotions
  • You catch him watching you
  • He touches you (appropriately, of course)
  • He smiles at you a lot
  • He tries to make you laugh
  • He shows an interest in your life
  • He goes out of his way to help you

Some of these things are common traits in nice people, so you need to make a distinction between someone being nice and someone fancying you.

How do you tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it?

There are a few ways to tell if a man is attracted to you:

  • He smiles at you
  • He tries to impress you
  • He refers to you by name
  • He asks about you
  • He’s there for you
  • He tries to impress you
  • He’s protective
  • He starts conversations with you

If a man is attracted to you but is hiding it, he’s clearly embarrassed about his feelings or lacks the confidence to speak up.

If you like him, why not make the first step? Ask him if he has a girlfriend or a partner. That will definitely break the ice.

How do I know if he’s really into me?

Men like to impress women so any sign of him going out of his way to impress you is a clear sign he’s really into you.

A guy who’s really into you will also take a genuine interest in your life. He will ask about things you bring up and take the time to understand and listen to you. This is the same thing that friends do, except the guy also fancies you.

Basically, a guy who is really into you will pay attention to you.

How do you tell if a middle-aged man likes you?

Most middle-aged men are at a crossroads in their life, so if a middle-aged man likes you, there’s a good chance he sees a future with you.

Men in this situation tend to take an active interest in your life and take the time to listen to you and speak with you about things. He might text you all the time, send random emails, or like your photos on social media.

How do you know when a man is falling in love?

There are several signs a man is falling in love. These include:

  • He writes you poetry
  • He can’t stop thinking about you
  • He opens up to you
  • He talks about the future with you in it
  • He asks you if you want a future with him
  • He asks about marriage
  • He wants to meet your friends and parents
  • He wants to spend a lot of time with you
  • He cancels other things to make time for you

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