Is 60 Dating the new Style?

over 60 dating advice

Age, they say, is nothing but a number. Of course, it’s a little more than that, but when it comes to dating it should never hold you back. One of the greatest tragedies of modern discourse is the tendency to throw away or ignore the needs of the older generation. Love, companionship and sex are all things that 60 plus daters desire, but so often we’re told that it’s simply not acceptable that that’s the case.

Well, stuff that.

With advancement in medical sciences, with better availability of medical care and also with more awareness to lead a better life, people are living longer. More than that though, with the democratisation of technology, more and more of us are getting online and finding love with mature online dating websites.

Twenties used to be considered to be the ideal time for dating. Today, it doesn’t really matter how old you are. There will be many people in your age or generation who would be looking for a date and possibly a new relationship.

Let us look at some of the many factors that have contributed

Apart from the factors or reasons mentioned above, there is another reality that has triggered over sixty dating. That factor is psychological.

Living alone in twenties or thirties is hard enough but one still has their professional world, hopes of meeting new people and possibly finding that one special person and there is a lot of activity around to get engrossed in. When someone is sixty or above, there is little to look around for or forward to; kids have moved out and working somewhere, some may even have grandkids and most sexagenarians have a lot of idle time which is spent alone. Dating can certainly do away with this alone time which is certainly not solitude but undesired loneliness.


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