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Why has Mature Dating Taken Off in the UK?

Once upon a time, online dating was seen as the sort of embarrassing thing that only a certain, computer inclined and desperate singleton might undertake. Whilst the world laughed, online dating continued to gather steam, pulling in more and more users and forging countless relationships that have lasted decades. These days, online dating is so commonplace that it’s barely discussed, let alone of importance when you’re meeting a friend’s new partner.

Of course, younger people have flocked to online dating in droves, but it’s also gained huge popularity amongst over 50 daters and over 60 daters. Want proof? Well, over the last two years alone, online dating for over 60s has doubled, now sitting at an incredible 12%. That points towards not only a lot of UK mature daters trying online dating, but loving online dating and recommending it to friends. So, why is it taking off in such a huge way?

It fits around your life

The misconception that mature daters have plenty of time on their hands is exactly that – a misconception. We know that as older daters we’ve got incredible busy schedules, and rarely find the time to go out for leisure, let along in the hope of meeting new romantic interests. That’s where online dating offers such a compelling option. Because of the way online dating is built, you can log on whenever you find time and chat as and when you can. On the go? Do it on your phone! Only got 15 minutes as dinner cooks? Why not log in on your laptop?

It’s free from discrimination

There’s an odd thing about dating as an older person in that it becomes less and less socially acceptable to do it. The common narrative around dating is that it’s only for the young, and that anyone who is still looking for love in their 40s, 50s, 60s or above has somehow done something wrong. With online dating, you’re free to date in a friendly and relaxed environment with like minded individuals. No hushed voices and no embarrassment, just relaxed fun.

It works

There are countless reasons why online dating has proven to be as popular as it is, but the most important of them is simple – it just works. Millions of couples have been made, countless weddings arranged and countless more lives dramatically improved thanks to online dating. As mature daters we know that love never comes easy, and it doesn’t happen instantly online, but it does dramatically increase your chances of meeting that special somebody. So, what are you waiting for?

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