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Flirting isn’t Age Dependant

Flirting it something that none of us were taught, but all of us seem to do naturally. Just as the exotic birds make their elaborate calls and perform their intricate routines, so do we do our own mating routines. It’s an essential social skill, helping to make friends, lovers and partners – put simply, a life skill that none of us could go without.

Also, bizarrely, it’s one that we associate with our younger selves. It could be because many of us have spent years in long term relationships, or maybe it’s just because society no longer sees us as the youthful, advertising friendly types.

Today, the mature online dating scene is as vibrant as it gets but is this because people are less inclined to use flirting techniques?

The reality is that we are all so busy these days that the old style of finding a partner has to a large part gone. The days of the dance hall have long gone and so have the days of the great British public house. My mum met my dad at a dance and when he died she met my step father at the pub. Whether on either occasion they deployed flirting techniques on each is unknown but very likely.

Dance halls are now known as clubs and seem centric on alcohol misuse and volume rather than social intercourse and good manners. There are still some good pubs around but again they seem to be full of boys and girls in a permanent state of undress whatever the weather. Who of the dating over 50s would fancy their chances of meeting a suitable partner at either of these places? You would run the risk of looking like the oldest swinger in town or mutton dressed as lamb.

That is why a new form of flirting has developed. The new form of flirting is alive and thriving on dating websites. You don’t catch someone’s eye but you do a virtual wink. You try to impress on live chat rather than in a public space. You put up flattering pictures for someone to see rather than putting on your glad rags.

Though some of the old tricks don’t translate across, the basic tenants of flirting stay true – be interested, be kind, be friendly and be funny. Dating online is nowhere near as scary as some over 40 dating type’s think it is, in fact, in many ways it’s much easier. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try today, there’s nothing to lose but the cobwebs from your flirting technique!

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