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Five Flirting Tips for the Over 50s

Flirting is one of the greatest attributes that an over 50 dater can have in the modern dating scene. Almost never single and always in demand, the flirt is well placed to find that special somebody.

Now, we all know that flirting doesn’t come naturally to all of us, but like any talent, it’s a skill that can be learned, honed and perfected until it’s second nature! In this guide, we’re going to share with you a few tip tips to help you do it better. So, without further to do, let’s dive into our five top flirting tips for over fifties.

  • Break the ‘touch’-screen – Touching can be one of the most sensitive and yet the most warming of subjects in a date. Irrespective of whether you are on your first date or your twentieth, keep touching her subtly and in a romantic way. This is very tricky – Do it more than necessary and you are a pervert; do it less than what she’s comfortable with, and you end up as a bore! Balance is the key here (as it is probably throughout any over 50 date)!
  • Make her/him laugh – No need to be overly serious just because you’re dating over 50! Laugh and have fun like you did during your teenage years on a date. Remember, no one likes a sadist or a bore. So make yourself comfortable and make her laugh, even with the old jokes told in a novel way. Stay away from the dirty ones till you haven’t understood your date enough.
  • Compliments are the key – Keep complimenting your date, even if he/she is not particularly well-dressed for your liking. Remember, she might not look gorgeous today, but that doesn’t stop her from looking awesome the next if she is seriously pretty. So hold your patience and learn to keep her flattered!
  • Body Language matters – Make sure you follow her moves (DON’T STARE!) and duplicate the same subtly. This makes her more comfortable (like both of you putting your elbows on the table), and opens her up for love to make it’s way through!
  • Don’t be too perfect in the art – Don’t let it seem practiced or too perfect. This may have two negative consequences – one, she may mistake you for a Casanova or she may mistake your flirtatiousness for being too eager to be in bed with her. Both – are disastrous for a date. Try and be naïve and genuine in your PDA, and try and not be cocky.

These tips may effectively make you a great flirt – but remember- anything remotely obscene or dirty in your mannerisms and you will be out of the dating recce as fast as you had entered it! Caution is the key in every over 50 plus dating experience, and once you know you two are in love, throw it to the winds!

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