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Finding your Happily Ever After 60: The Mature Ladies Guide to Love Over 60.

Dating again when you’re over 60 has become much discussed issue as more and more senior singles are finding that they’re not ‘too over the hill’ and looking for a second (third, forth or even fifth!) chance of love after shaking off the

Dating in this age bracket however has its complications. Chances are you are back on the market due to divorce, death or never finding The One. This often means that the older lady is faced with certain insecurities as a result of this; trust issues, grief, resentment or loneliness to name just a few.

So the question is, can women over 60 truly find love in later life?

The short answer: yes! We are never too old to be whisked off our feet, to flirt with the opposite sex or indeed; feel sexy – but how can you make the transition from over 60 and single to over 60 and dating go smoothly?

It all begins by loving yourself. It may sound obvious, cheesy or cliché but in order to find a genuine, loving partner, you must first cherish yourself. No matter how old you are, once you find true happiness in your own skin you will immediately start attracting all kinds of interesting and wonderful people into your world.

Before you even consider stepping onto the dating scene, try focussing on you. Start with the basics; pamper yourself. Whether it’s a sassy new hairstyle or you treat yourself to some fancy underwear it will immediately boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself.

Next, start spending more time doing the things that you love. Perhaps write a list of all the things that make you happy, or you wish you could do but ‘never find the time’ and start doing them! It could be anything from tending to your garden to spending more time with the grandkids, joining an art class or taking up dancing. Take yourself on your dream dates and fall in love with yourself! Not only will you feel great, but you may very well bump in to that special someone whilst out and about and doing your thing!

Once you are happy with your own company, you will ooze independence and become a very interesting individual to potential suitors, however it is easy to become so wrapped up in your own life that you leave no space for a man. Getting the balance between having a life and having a partner is crucial. Many women scare potential mates away because they come across as too independent whereas some others will drop their life at the drop of a hat and thus become overly needy. The perfect partner should enhance your life and be a part of it; not become your entire world.

One of the major challenges for women over 60 dating is trust. Perhaps she has been hurt in the past by men and struggles to let her guard down. If you want to find true love, you must be willing to trust. This can be a milestone step in many mature women’s lives, however it’s important to take that leap if you are serious about finding a loving relationship. Chances are, the men you are dating are probably experiencing similar feelings of doubt and worry and whilst I don’t advise you to expose yourself entirely, try to wipe the slate clean and see each date as a fresh, new, exciting experience. Give love a chance.

Dating is fun and that never changes no matter how old you are. With the number of eligible, eager older men out there looking for love your choice of suitors is immense. Just remember to be confident, be yourself and enjoy it! Life’s too short and love could be just around the corner.

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