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Dating Holidays Discussed

Singles holidays might sound awkward, but in reality, so many people go on them you have a good chance of meeting people out there who take your fancy. And if not, so what? At least you got a decent break out of it!

If you’re going as a dating couple, the best dating holidays for the over 40s offer a combination of adventure, fun and relaxation.

This way, every day can offer something different, allowing two people to get to know each other over a short space of time.

Although dating holidays are rarer than regular dates because people assume they can be awkward, they can be rather convenient if two people are planning to go on holiday around the same time. Whether it’s for a few days or two weeks, why not combine your desire for a holiday with your dream of a love life?

Whether you’re single or a dating couple, here are some good options in 2019:

The Caribbean

Summer and winter bliss

The Caribbean is filled with interesting islands. Jamaica, Saint Martin Island, Puerto Rico, Aruba and Antigua are great choices. But for us, Montserrat is the gem, with truly dramatic peaks and rainforest-covered hills.

You can’t go wrong with any Caribbean island for singles or dating holiday. Grab a cocktail, soak up the sun and have some fun when the moment takes you. We recommend taking up a package holiday for the best value.

The Alps

Wintertime fun

Whether you go French, Italian, Swiss or German, the Alps are one of the finest holiday destinations in the world.

Go in winter, rent a log cabin or a swanky hotel, and you’ll have the time of your life skiing, snowboarding, and tobogganing. And should you want to relax, the mountain scenery, star-lit skies and log burners will be right up your street.

Meeting people in the Alps is cottoned on because of the culture of coffee shops, public eating and bars. This makes it a great destination for singles and dating couples. Be sure to pre-book excursions and experience glaciers, if possible.

Cruise holidays

Wherever the sea takes you

The great thing about cruise holidays is you are confined to a ship for a large duration of your travels, which makes meeting other singles easy, and having fun on board as a couple a case of testing all the amenities on offer.

Norwegian Cruise Line is a great choice for destinations across Scandinavia and there are dedicated singles cruises available from Cruise Solos and TUI. Ancient Kingdoms from TUI is a great choice for history lovers, for it covers ancient ports and ruins across Limassol, Cyprus, Alanya, Turkey, Rhodes Town, Rhodes, and Kusadasi, Turkey.

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