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Should You Date Inside your Age Group?

For whatever reason, a large number of us simply don’t like to date amongst our own age group. Sexual preferences in humans are defined at a relatively young age, and for some of us that means liking older or younger partners.

Clearly then, it’s perfectly natural to date outside of your own age group, but as a mature dater, should you still be doing it? The answer is yes, but with some important caveats.

There’s no arguing that when you fall in love, there’s little you can do about it. Whether that person is older or younger than you, if they reciprocate the feelings, it doesn’t matter at all. We’re guessing though that because you’re reading this article, the head is giving the heart a run for its money.

First, let us state that you should never try to rationalise yourself out of a good thing. Age-gap relationships can be as wonderful as any other committed relationship, but if you’re looking to start a new relationship as an over 40 dater, we strongly recommend you try dating within your age range again. Why?

You have comparable life experience

One of the joys of getting to know somebody new is to learn their stories, hear their best jokes and learn from the lessons they’ve absorbed through their life. The passing of time is something which affects all of us differently, but in general it softens our edges and deepens our character.

In a partner, those are traits which we can all agree make for a long and happy relationship.

It would be cruel and incorrect to suggest that dating somebody younger than you means dating a hollow, vacuous person – but there’s no denying that by dating somebody of a similar age, you’ll enjoy a better match for life experience. At a certain age, these things become more important than the bragging rights of dating a younger person.

You’re more likely to have similar relationship aims

Ultimately, many relationships fall apart because of a disparity in where each person sees the relationship going. One might want to keep it casual whilst the other may be ready to settle down into a longer term arrangement.

The pain of discovering that your partner envisions the future of your relationship differently to you can be all too real, but by dating close to your own age, you’re more likely to find somebody who has the same relationship aspirations as yourself.

It’s easier to find love

If you’re excluding anyone above or below a certain age you’re missing out on some truly incredible people. Age might be important in some respects, but in others it’s simply a number. If you don’t do it often, try dating within your own age range for a while. You’ll be surprised at how beautiful, vibrant, funny and intelligent single over 50 daters there are on the market. Who knows, you might just find love.

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