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Women, Should You Use an Old Picture In Your Mature Dating Profile?

Dating online over the age of 50 can be a surprisingly emotional experience for both women and men. Lots of us come into online dating having been out of the scene for a number of years, be it because of prior relationships, marriages or personal losses. Either way, when we get back into online dating we’re eager to impress and get off on the right foot. In a situation like that, you might well be tempted to get a little creative when it comes to your profile pictures. After all, isn’t mature online dating useless if you don’t have an eye catching profile picture? The answer, of course, is no. It’d be fair to say that though many of us looked better 10 or 15 years ago, that’s not how you get the best out of online dating. Instead, you get the best out of online dating by presenting yourself in a flattering, but honest light. By uploading old pictures of yourself, you’re setting an unrealistic and unfair standard for both yourself and any potential date. Even worse, you’re sending a signal that you don’t always believe that honesty is the best policy. If you’re willing to lie about how you look, what else would you be willing to lie about? Instead, you should try to take the best possible picture of yourself at the moment. How? Here’s our top three tips for brilliant online dating pictures
  • Smile! – The dark and brooding look might seem appealing in your mind, but studies have shown that men find women who smile in their profile pictures much more attractive than those who do not. The same goes for women looking to meet other women, so don’t be shy about breaking out that smile.
  • Don’t neglect quality – It’s often said that your best camera is the one you have on you, but when it comes to your online dating profile, don’t skimp on quality. Use a high quality camera, good lighting and natural makeup to really show what you look like.
  • Show your passions – If your profile says that you love going on bike rides, exploring foreign countries and eating at nice restaurants, shouldn’t your profile pictures show that? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so have them say the right ones with photographs that speak about who you are, rather than just how you look.

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