Five Things to Avoid Whilst Mature Dating

mature dating over 40

Whatever your reasons might be for being back on the market, midlife dating can be a fun and fabulous way to meet new people, laugh a lot, learn even more about yourself and even meet The One.

However, over the years we’ve seen that many of our customers make the same mistakes over and over again. There seems to be a common series of nasty school-yard habits rearing their ugly heads. You’re over forty, right? So why are so many of you being so childish?

We’re all experienced mature men and women entering the dating world with a great sense of optimism and an open heart, so why play the silly head games? Surely if we’re older women and men dating at midlife we can have the decency to treat one another with respect and be upfront about our feelings and intentions?

Here are the top five dating mistakes that mature men and woman are making; make sure you are not playing the hurt game with other people’s hearts.

So if you recognise any of these foolish tendencies, perhaps it’s time to grow up and stop your game playing. We all deserve love a second time around and no one deserves to go through that adolescent rubbish again. Give yourself and others a chance; and recognise when someone is playing you.

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